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The Association of Chemical Engineering Students- Kyambogo University Blog

A word from the President

March 31 2015 , Written by Mutagaya Solomon

We have yet been privileged to have a word from our President. I strongly believe that you will learn a lot from his discussion as he transversely takes us through this Article of

"Uniting Chemical Engineers".

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Association Speaker


ACES President- H.E Oworuhanga Ronald
ACES President- H.E Oworuhanga Ronald

Article from the Association of Chemical Engineering Students' NEWS LETTER Vol 1

"Uniting Chemical Engineers”

Great thanks to ACES chief editor and the editorial, executive committee, our dear ACES members, all our association friends and supporters that have contributed to the publishing of this first issue of our news letter.

To me, the birth of our Chemical Engineering programme in Kyambogo University has mirrored the growth in importance of this profession in the country and the world at large, with the coming up of more industries which I would call potential employers.

The mission of our association is

“To Nurture Technically Competent Chemical Engineers ready to transform society.”

This is association is already a platform for the students in promoting competence and a commitment to sustainable development, advancing the discipline of chemical engineering for the benefit of society and supporting the professional development of members. Chemical engineers are expected to make contributions that deal with new developments through R& D in plant or processes and that can be given quantitative expression.

I have noticed that over 75% of the chemical engineering students would want jobs related to the petroleum sector and the 25% of the students would be in different manufacturing industries, consultancy firms and teaching. I believe many prefer the petroleum sector because of good payments and above all it’s a field of learning in order to develop the expertise.

In accordance to the National oil and gas policy for Uganda, it clearly shows that Oil and gas operations in Uganda will provide the country an opportunity to develop a petrochemical industry. This will include industries like oil refining; the offshoot industries utilizing the refinery by-products to produce soap, plastics, pesticides, paints, medicine, asphalt, chemicals and others; together with industries arising from the utilization of natural gas like cement production, iron ore somelting and production of fertilizers.

"This policy will promote the establishment of human resources requirements for oil and gas activities and their projected estimates for the short, medium and long term and use these requirements to support the training necessary to meet the demand with Ugandan nationals. Educational and training institutions in the country have been induced to orient some of their training courses to meet human resource requirements of the oil and gas sector."

The same policy emphasizes the deliberate implementation of National participation in oil and gas activities in order to expand employment opportunities, acquire diversified skills and enable application of the skills learnt from the oil industry into other sectors of the economy. Therefore Chemical engineers through their experimental or theoretical research work should be able to bring up new perspectives to established principles and highlighting unsolved problems or

indicating directions for future research..Am convinced that chemical engineers have a big role to play in this oil and gas sector. It is therefore necessary for the chemical engineers and other scientists to acquire and develop the technological and management skills required in order to participate in this sector once provided with the opportunity.

"I therefore invite all the chemical engineering students to unite and work together in the development process through this association certainly for the benefit of our societies."

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